Ant Byte Technologies

Teacher Aide

Teacher Aide is an easy to use utility for teachers to determine the average grade for a student based on his / her grades so far. Simply enter each grade one at a time and Teacher Aide will calculate the student's average grade on the fly!

Insult Generator

Are you always short of a good comeback, missing that extra 'zing' in your insults or just want to hurl random insults at a friend / stranger?

Well this is the perfect app for you!

With over 1 billion unique combinations, the Insult Generator will generate an insult so creative, so insulting, so morally wrong, that your target won't know what hit them!

Footy Feed

Do you love rugby league?
Do you love playing fantasy footy?
Do you hate not being able to watch the game and wonder how your players are performing while you are stuck doing something else?
Then Footy Feed is the app for you!
Footy Feed allows you to pick your fantasy footy squad and then receive notifications whenever they make a big play.